Over the years, we have become one of the top players for handling your logistic operations when it comes to Project cargo. We have been handling oversized and overweight cargo for over 20 years. The ships that we charter are geared with upto 3000 tons of lifting capacity. And to move rigs, platforms and units, we charters semi submersible ships.



In order to ship breakbulk cargoes, we have charterted ships from 4500 to panamaxes. We have been awarded the shipping part of projects like the new cement plant of Pacasmayo, in Paita, or the renewal of the Talara refinery of Petroperu, as well as several Grupo Mexico controlled mining projects. We charter ships on trip out. We take delivery of the ship at one point and operate her through various points upto the last port of call, where we redeliver her.This allows us to be flexible and offer a tailor made service to our customers.


We started chartering and operating ships since 2008. We began with mini bulkers of 7.000 dwt moving wheat from Brazil to the Mediterranean, and eventually ended up chartering 80.000 tonners moving iron ore from Mexico to China. We have won COAs of soya bean meal and soya bean oil from Bolivia to Colombia. In 2017 we shipped 120.000 tons of soya bean meal from Argentina to Chile. Exporters and importers often request our expertise in negotiating the fixing terms, as well as our knowledge of bulk cargoes, bulkers and the involved ports.Today we move petcoke, iron ore and scrap on a monthly basis.

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Since 2004, Abromex has been closely working and assisting Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and their many providers. We have chartered barges, anchor handling tugs supply (AHTS), tugs, supply ships and tankers. We have towed oil rigs within the Caribbean, and from the Caribbean to the Middle East.In 2020 we chartered a panamax to ship crude oil from Malaysia to China.

In 2021 we chartered two (2) tankers for 12 months which we are operating in the Caribbean.